Wednesday 18 November

Francesca and Caz

When I arrived there was a big gathering of Green Peace WFF and Environmental network among others. They were presenting the save our ocean petition that asks Parliament to stop trawling our ocean. It has been signed by 50.000 New Zealanders. They had a cool coral sculpture with the names of all those who signed the petition in the pink spaces between the branches of the coral. David Parker and Marama Davidson and Eugene Sage, the former minister for Conservation, came out to receive the petition wrapped in netting.

Marama Davidson, Eugenie Sage and David Parker

There were not many people dropping by today and around 1pm the rain really set in. So Caz and I decided for a short vigil today. It was good to see the petition being signed and hearing  the supportive responses from all three mimisters. 

Francesca and Caz
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