Vigil Day 84

David has committed to returning on the 5th of October to carry the vigil through to the 2020 Election. In the meantime the locals are keeping the vigil. I was there for the week: the picture you see there was three lads from Wales who were on a mission to the human pyramid pictures at important places. I took the pic for them but insisted on a shot by the signs in return.

The weather bomb can to us on Sunday. Caz and Francesca were there for the day. Caz and I were late (daylight saving!) but we picked up a load of wind and rain.

Both days included plenty of talks about climate change with passers-by. That sign on the right “Support farmers, support regenerative farming” does a lot of heavy lifting for us – it starts more conversations than any other.

One guy pointed to the row of signs and said “Which one do you support?”. I pointed out that they were all tied together, I put them up and was there on my own. I them talked about the way politicians and industries create the rural urban divide to over-simplify and destroy any constructive conversations about complex problems.

Thanks to the local crew: Mick, Molly, Francesca, Caz and Sue will be keeping the vigil this week, as they have done across the last 84 days. So proud to be with you all.

— Kieran

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