Vigil Day 82

E Tū for Future and Fridays for Future were joined at Parliament today by:
•Extinction Rebellion (XR) roadshow
•XR Toddlers (my personal favourite)
•James Shaw (briefly)
•Jessica Hammond (TOP candidate for Õhāriu)

I estimate about 80 people altogether gathered with us today.

It was a special day: wonderful reunions with people who supported Tim and I over our month long stint here, plus meeting new people who’ve become involved over the 6 weeks I’ve been home recovering in Christchurch.

We ate cake to celebrate Florry’s 1st birthday.

Jessica Hammond and I fought back tears together while wondering how we can face our children when considering the future we’re leaving them.

I can’t say how much it means to speak with a politician and feel they really get it. Sadly, it would take a miracle to get TOP in parliament, but if your electorate is Õhāriu please consider giving Jessica your candidate vote.

Sue Boyd and James Shaw

It was really good of James Shaw to spend a short time with us today. I’d dearly love to have a real conversation with him however. Maybe that can still happen sometime soon.

David with Rick on his 20th day of hunger strike.

Rick Williment ended his 20 day hunger strike on Tuesday (vigil day 79). Congratulations Rick.

Poignant moment: Rick departs the lawn with his partner, ending his 20 day hunger strike.
Rick being interviewed on camera by Newshub today.

One big disappointment for us recently has been the complete lack of any media coverage of Rick’s 20 day hunger strike. So, today it was exciting to see him getting media attention at last, being interviewed on camera by Newshub. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any sign of his interview being published at all by Newshub.

We’ve had 6 hunger strikers over a total of 69 days of hunger striking! Today was the 82nd day of our daily vigil at Parliament . . So what now for E Tū for Future?

I was expecting today would be the end of our inaugural E Tū for Future action here at Parliament (I’m returning home to Christchurch tomorrow). However, despite their weariness after 82 days of supporting vigil and hunger strikes, a core group of Wellington supporters have stepped up and committed to keeping up our daily vigil until I’m able to return on Tuesday 6th October.

From Tuesday 6th October, I’ll then keep daily vigil at Parliament until the election. Our action continues!

Thank you everyone for your loving support.

A huge thank you especially to those of you who, like a flock of geese, are stepping up then swapping out of the lead roles, keeping E Tū standing.

💚 David

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