Vigil Day 81

E Tū signage facing Parliament for first time.

I moved to temporarily facing parliament this morning to allow TOP to announce their climate change policy in front of King Dick. I think this is the first time in our 81 day vigil that our signage faced Parliament!

TOP announce their climate change policy

I was really impressed by the TOP climate change korero from both Jessica Hammond (candidate for Õhāriu) and Geoff Simmons (leader). The only major critique I’d give is complete absence of discussion of need for economic degrowth with banning fossil fuel. Now that is a really inconvenient truth for politicians.

You can watch the TOP climate change policy announcement here:

I did have a one-on-one discussion with Geoff Simmons about the obvious need for degrowth when we ban fossil fuels. He was amiable and seemed open minded.

Order is restored!

It wasn’t long before I was able to occupy the familiar position and orientation! And it also wasn’t long before I was again alone.

It is very quiet in front of Parliament these days. Politicians are busy politicking, and our local E Tū supporters are taking time to recover/ give attention to their normal lives, after their huge effort supporting 69 days of hunger striking.

I admit to feeling a little lonely and sad at times, here keeping up the E Tū for Future vigil. It is feeling like this inaugural E Tū action is winding down and possibly coming to a close.

I’m very grateful that the Catholic Church are accommodating me again in Viard House. It is familiar, very comfortable and extremely convenient being immediately across the road from Parliament.

However, even at Viard House, I am aware of feelings of loneliness and some sadness. It is like returning to the vibrant scene of a party, only everyone has left and nothing feels the same.

My tonic for these sad feelings is to think of the huge achievement of everyone here: 6 hunger strikers over 69 days of hunger striking, 81 continuous days of vigil. Wonderful people supporting all if this. I’m thinking of everyone involved and feeling very appreciative, feeling all the love.

💚 David

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