Vigil Day 80

It is a wet and windy day today after a sunny (and windy) day yesterday. It is great to be back occupying the foot of King Dick’s monument. It was especially a privilege to spend yesterday with Rick, his 20th and final day hunger striking. Rick was very tender, emotional at times, open hearted; clearly already deeply moved by the crisis we all are facing and feeling it even more through the hunger strike process.

I sent a message hoping that Rick’s refeeding is going well and below is the response I received:

Dear David!
I’m thinking of you there today in the wild wet turbulence!
I broke my fast with so much joy and relief yesterday afternoon. An apple. A dried apricot! And in the evening I had a plate of asparagus and beans and carrots and courgette even though they aren’t in season, and avocado with cashew nuts even though they aren’t local. And actually I wept again and strongly. For the relief of it being over, for the privilege of having such foods, for those who don’t. I don’t think I’m a sentimental person. My heart is very open to those on the front lines of these climate/industrial-addiction-fuelled catastrophes 🙏🏻
Deep gratitude to you David, and to Ollie before you, and to all your courageous hearts. Thank you to all of us for standing up. E Tū!!!

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