E Tū vigil day 69, Rick hunger strike day 10

‘Hunger’ is such an emotive word.  My hunger strike is obviously a hunger for food.  It is designed to convey urgency.   It embraces some sacrifice and offers up a fundamental liberty for something important.   But what else am I and others engaged in these actions,  hungry for?  What i am really hungry for is greater justice.  I see a travesty of harm, committed and due to be committed, upon the vulnerable, upon the oceans, upon our air, our forests,  upon so many threatened species.  I see it as a profound betrayal of all beings and creatures who depend on the interconnectedness of life.  Since we have great power,  therefore we also have great responsibility.

It was a beautiful day at parliament today,  Saturday.  Kieran set up and Rachel stayed all day in support.  Lots of visitors..  Duncan the thoughtful farmer,  Hayden who keeps bees in Miramar who kindly gave me a jar of beautiful honey,  (which made me long for wholegrain toast!); Tim who brought me green tea; brother Dave who rode his Ducati through parliament grounds; Jackson and Ellie and Aderyn.  And dialog with a number of folk all eager for more meaningful action on the climate crises. I enjoy finding ways of engaging with people.  I don’t set out to change their mind, but to stimulate thinking and also to learn myself. 

I’m feeling strong, although my reserves aren’t great. And have decided to aim for 20 days rather than 21 so I have a day to transition a bit before returning to work.

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