E Tū, day 65, Rick day 6

Rick with supporters

It is a little sobering to know that these reflections posted online live in perpetuity in the online universe.  Yet doing this hunger strike is both very personal, as well as political, and it seems important to say more about what motivates me to strike. 

When I took the time to absorb the scientific evidence,  and scientific opinion on climate change, I developed a deeply personal relationship to the whole equation.  My initial response was overwhelming grief.   I walked beside my local awa and wept.  Waves and waves of tears.  Have you encountered your grief for the devastations??  We grieve when we love what is lost.   And grief helps us adapt to the new reality.  And perhaps to act.  My first impulse when processing my visceral sense of loss was ‘hunger strike’.  But I didn’t do it – I let life get in the way.  But when the ‘ETū for our future’ created the momentum for hunger striking I knew I was there. 

That seems to be a way that change can happen.  I for one am deeply influenced by people who embody their values through loving sacrifice. 

Briefly, on the fast,  I didn’t sleep well last night for the first time.   My body was unsettled.   But my energy is good.  I feel strong.   My partner,  Sahra said “you’re in the foothills and the ascent is still ahead”. Surely true. Staying as close to the present moment is an essential tool. More on that later. 

A deep bow to those who are supporting this vigil over the long haul.  Caz set up and stayed with me all day.  Hiro packed away.  Yesterday,  Molly (83!) came all day,  Kieran set up,  Caz and Diana came by,  Hiro packed away again.  So much awhi and holding.   My brother David comes each day,  my brother in law,  David came today too, as did Natalie.   Blessings and my love to you all.🙏

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  1. Ollie says:

    Thank you so much Rick for carrying the torch forward. Kia kaha my friend.

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