E Tū day 63, rick day 4

I enjoyed setting up under the beautiful pohutukawa tree this weekend. It has huge, strong limbs and I like sitting beneath them, feeling their protective strength, especially as the wind and rain showed up. It’s an odd thing to have such a powerful companion from the natural world on the doorstep of parliament.

The strike is going well. My body is adjusting, losing weight, losing energy a bit now too but it’s manageable so far and I’m sleeping well. I am eating half a teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of miso each day and as much herbal tea as I can manage.

I have more to say about what moves me and I think I will take the liberty in future posts to express myself more fully.

Thank you to Sue who supported me today and for visitors Hiro, Rachel, my daughter Gabriella, and Kieran.

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