E tu day 52, Paul 10

Well, the end of a 10 day fast is nearly over. I have met a lot of intelligent, interesting people in this group up here in Wellington and many members of the public, very concerned about this crisis we have created. An enlightening experience, something I wasn’t prepared for, but would do again in a heartbeat.

Today I hear that Roger Hallam and 4 associates have been arrested and remanded over ‘conspiracy to commit public nuisance and criminal damage’. They have formed the political party Beyond Politics and were arrested in their homes for spraying pink paint on NGO buildings and political party buildings. They have started a endless hunger strike. They are calling for action on climate change and the implementation of unchallenged citizens assemblies.

While that news is amazing and scary all in one, I hope that will not be buried under the mountain of high level corruption that Assange finds himself dying under and that the action is so high profile and infectious that authorities are cornered. Good luck.

A friend of Caz came by today and talked with Hiro and me. A biology degree in progress, Yoyo (that’s not a typo) is a French born, English and French raised lady, accomplished diver and student of the world. She blew me away and I put her right up there with Chloe Swarbrick. She would like to go back to England on completion of her schooling and take up the political fight for our world, for which she knows is in perilous decline. Another man, ‘Jack’, a Chinese national that has completed a master’s in data analysis at UC, stopped by and Kieran and I had a very interesting talk with him. Frowned on by his poor country family for wanting to study overseas, his friends and relatives paid for him to do as he wanted. He related that there would be no activism in where he was from, that one would be arrested right away. He found New Zealand free and easy going. Two others quickly stopped by, a lady named Susan from XR Wellington and another man that let me know that what we’re doing is of the upmost most importance. He related that his countrymen were having difficulty with growing crops, siting drought and unusual heavy rains hampering a good harvest. Ominous. A daily reality for so many all over the globe, already.

Thank you all for supporting me. I realize how much effort goes into this, it’s no small deal. Caz, Sue, Hiro, Mick, Kieran, Tim and Robin and a special thank you to Sue for the yummy pumpkin soup and sourdough starter. Thank you all. Everyone. I hope I can be back to help you lot someday soon.

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