Etu day 51, Paul day 8.

Today was a really positive day. Mick and Sue had just set up, Sue had gone to get some more rope to tie down signs, and a girl’s class from Whakatane walked by. Talking with teachers I discovered that had real worries about our future, that had noticed changes to their weather and that they already had summer produce growing, about a month early. About half the girls knew who Greta Thunberg was. Half of them knew what she was striking for. Martin Dejong came by at lunchtime, as did my aunt and her youngest grandchild. John Blincoe also came by and talked for a while. A man that had come by some days ago came back and asked us how we could provide him some proof of climate change, Sue providing him with a link to NASA and Penn States’ Michael Mann and the movie Thin Ice. He wished us well.

After all that we had an independent film crew come by filming a documentary on the ‘make it 16’ campaign with some of the kids from that campaign. They were in recess for lunch from the High Court and filming on the steps of parliament. The crew then did a small interview with Kate Jensen, who had anticipated being in the public gallery at the hearing and made a clever sign in support with a climate message on the back. Unfortunately only whanau and associates were allowed in.

A good, positive vibe for today. Still feeling really good, just a little slow and tired. I hope that we can light a fire under our representatives in government, I think of my kids every every day and I have to have hope that they and all their friends will have a good future because of the actions that all activists work towards. All the incredibly skilled thinkers and movers I’ve come in contact with since I’ve been here makes me think we have a chance.

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