E tu day 50, Paul day 7

Saturday left me feeling quite low. We had a couple of somewhat unpleasant encounters. One was three fanatics. One that wasn’t at all unpleasant was a farmer from Hawkes Bay who was definitely a climate denialist but when pressed admitted that he had noticed changes in the weather lately. He was asked by Kieran about wetlands and frogs and he proudly claimed that he had remediated wetlands on this property and that, yes, there were plenty of frogs. A good news story.

Today was much better. We met some people from Invercargill. Two women and a man. The man, one of the women’s son, had recently start an e-waste business modelled on a person who Kieran knew as well. Apparently doing very well, he had secured a Gov’t. grant of a considerable amount. Very friendly and well aware of the need to work on changing to an environmentally friendly economy. He was also part of Occupy Invercargill.

We next met a woman and son from Southland. Margie is a councilor in the region, fairly newly elected, a farmer and definitely concerned with the health of the environment. Sadly that was not her husband’s feeling.

Sue has replaced Kieran to keep me company in Viard House and spent the afternoon with me as well as the cooler, misty weather moved in. Thank you both. I feel somewhat drained today and the news that the fires in California have merged into two fires, at the moment the second and third in size in Californias history, alarms the shit out of me. Maybe some good news tomorrow.

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