E tu, day 49, Paul day 6.

Today was another that had its share of head scratching about it.

Sue came back for a while this morning and then Paul Bruce joined me for the afternoon. It was a sunny and mostly warm day with a lot of families using the park. Also a visit from some Christchuch ladies who knew David.

I’ll concentrate on the better conversations of the day. George and Elspeth joined us early on, a couple from Wellington. George had worked at the DSIR, wrote an article about the effects of how the polymers in Teflon had an adverse effect on the ozone layer and was consequentially used by DuPont for 3 million dollars. He resisted the bullying.

I will mention, as I’ve done before, that the fires in N California have now consumed the states oldest park, Big Basin Redwoods State park. It has ‘endured extensive damage’ and 5 people have died already, in an unprecedented outbreak of fires caused by a ‘dry’ storm that produced 10,000 lightening strikes, setting 367 fires. In other news, the Gulf of Mexico has an active hurricane and a strengthening tropical storm that will possibly make hurricane status in it’s basin for the first time in human history, with the possibility of simultaneous landfall just a couple hundred miles apart in southern states.

All these recurring *firsts* should really be raising everyone’s eyebrows. I’m starting to feel tired now and my feet feel heavy.

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