E tu Day 48. Paul, Day 5

Covid Poster

Wow. What a day. Everyone came together for the Fridays4Future lunchtime vigil. Very windy. My aunt Barbara came down and spent a few hours with us. Much appreciated and welcome.

I feel surprisingly ok, tired but not exhausted, not really hungry. Lots of great conversations, some with passing people who are interested to find out what we’re up to. Most people, we find, have an idea of the nature of our predicament but have no real understanding of the complexity of the systemic breakdowns occurring in our biosphere. That’s to say the least. Cascading effects from the damage we’ve initiated are not something that keeps most people awake at night. The obvious reason for this is the muted undertones from our leaders. The effort to not expose the reality. When, in reality, if people were to know these things, I’m sure there would be a lot more people standing beside us and taking the painful, but crucial steps necessary to stop, or at least to minimize the assault on on our environment. Even if it meant they did with less, couldn’t jump on a plane any time they liked, had to supplement their diet with home grown vegetables, instead of peaches in a can from Argentina, packed in Thailand.

Today was a good day.

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