E tu day 47, Paul, day 4.

Caz, Barbara, Sue, Paul

Another very interesting day..

Very windy with some rain to start. Again, not a lot of people passing by. More much needed rain. Today meet Tim Jones and David Gurr, more incredibly talented folk. I almost get the feeling that we can solve this issue together, when I listen to these people. World class academics. Molly, Sue (looking much better), Tim Musson and mother, Barbara, Kate, Caz and a English man named Jed, who met with Molly.

Today I read that in central northern California 10,000 recorded lightening strikes have started some 367 different fires, some out of control and they are warning many people to be ready to evacuate. It’s simply amazing, the sheer lack of awareness or vision from the leaders on this planet, past the end of their spreadsheets. On top of what’s happening in Siberia and the arctic in general, I can’t imagine that any end of century scenarios will ever be seen with human eyes. This fight we’re in is terminal, I fear, unless we act with an amazing amount of unity.

My slight discomfort is nothing.

Barbara, Jed, Molly, Paul, Caz, David

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