Vigil day 44: Paul Nieman hunger strike day 1.


I came to Wellington this Sunday, the 16th of August 2020 to support a hunger striker, only to arrive to find her very unwell. Her support person, very luckily, is medically trained and keenly aware and got her the help she needed. I met Caz, Robin and Kieran who immediately made me feel at ease.

I came here with the intention of finding like-minded, caring souls and I’ve not been disappointed. My anxiety at all the heinous acts of cruelty toward one another in this global community compounded by the callous destruction of our natural world and the terrible manifestations of our voracious appetite, is a realization that I can’t make peace with and I need the closeness of people who share this feeling. I am doing this with my kids future in mind, all kids, everywhere.

So this morning, Monday 17 I started my strike with a touch of anxiety and the hope I’d be able to reach out to someone, some people and spark the recognition to join a fledgling movement for immediate action on abrupt climate change.

I’ve had a good day, approaching and being approached by more people than I thought would offer their thoughts and give their time. That gave me a few tingles.

It was a warm sun, most of the day, the later half of the afternoon quite cool.

The day has been shared by Mick, Tim Musson and his mother Barbara and Hiro, and phone support by Kieran and David.

I’m feeling a little hungry, keeping with the approved diet, drinking as much as I feel comfortable with.

For an unpleasant surprise, mix the electrolytes with 4 bags of Dilmah Mango Tumeric, Ginger and black pepper tea in 1.7 litres of hot water. Otherwise, all seems fine. A bit headachy.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

— Paul

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