Vigil 45: Paul day 2

day 45

This morning, with little sleep, I felt pretty good. Much the same temp as yesterday, sunny start to day, warm sun most of the day. Not too many people around, perhaps because of the undecided atmosphere that the virus has had on Parliament and the staffers, alike. Tim Musson and Mick joined me early this morning to set up and stayed all day.

Today I met Kate Jensen, Paul Bruce, a lady named Diane, a friend of Caz’ who also joined us again and Martin DeJong who came by to offer support. It’s really a great feeling to know that there are so many talented people, passionately fighting to preserve life for all the beings that follow us on this planet and to remediate some of damage we have inflicted on our only life support system.

Another lady showed later in the day. A cyber-friend of mine and acquaintance of Paul Bruce, Christine Mckenzie who had seen what I was up to and while down on the train from the Wairarapa to the capital, came by to wish us all luck. Thank you Christine. Really nice to finally meet you.

Like I said previously, we had a couple real characters today who seemed to want challenge the ideas of this vigil and hungerstriking, one perspective of relevance, deciding who was more likely to take the honours of the Nobel

Greta or Jacinda. Mick gave him the odds, 3 to 1 on Greta, 5 to 1 on Jacinda. There’s no contest, to me. Kieran has volunteered to stay with me at Viard House, much appreciated on top of all the work he does to maintain this group.

Still feeling OK tonight.

— Paul

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