Vigil day 31: Robin hunger strike day 4

Molly Melhuish
Molly is there every weekday.

David and Tim marked the 75th Anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing by holding a vigil at 0815, the time the A bomb was dropped.
Caz encircled the tree with white cloth and signs to mark the day; the possibility that Climate wars could involve nuclear weapons is truly terrifying.

Life on Earth faces two existential threats: the climate crisis and nuclear weapons. Both threats are closely linked and mutually reinforcing. With the world in flames, the climate crisis is, even for its fiercest deniers, impossible to ignore. However, the vast majority of people do ignore how this situation worsens the risk of nuclear war and why nuclear disarmament is more important today than ever.

Carlos Umaña climate-change

It was a day of non-stop action; firstly a rally led by 4 horsemen from Amberley, followed by others from around the country from ’Safe Men, Safe Families’ – good on them for educating and supporting men to stop family violence. And in the afternoon another small party ‘Advance NZ’, co-led by Jami-Lee Ross.

Even though we abandoned our base around ‘King Dick’s statue, it proved difficult to have conversations with passersby when people were speaking with megaphones!

Pleased to say that I had a more comfortable day, and continued great weather.

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