Bryan Bruce interviews David

Yesterday David was interviewed by Bryan Bruce and videographer Waka Attewell for NZ Public TV:

“David Goldsmith has been sitting outside parliament for the last 21 days protesting against government inaction on climate change. For 14 of those days he has been on hunger strike. Bryan Bruce for NZPTV caught up with him via skype to talk about why he is taking this action. He has not had much media coverage so please share the link to this video. Our thanks to our Wellington volunteer team of Waka Attewell, Lisa Maule, Pip Steele and McKay Findlay.”

Watch the interview here: “Hunger Strike for Climate Change“.

Waka Attewell and some of the team
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  1. Luis says:

    Such a pleasure having met you yesterday Robin. You are an inspiration for me. As I told you I had never thought of this topic until I became father and I am ashame of the planet my son is inheriting. I don’t know if I am naive, but Mrs Ardern has announced the creation of environmental jobs after launching her campaign. Anyway, I restate let’s not take anything for granted. We need bold actions.

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