What are the goals of my hunger strike?

Hunger strike day 13

I’ve decided I will end my hunger strike at a maximum of 21 days. My minimum goal was 2 weeks and I’m almost there now. I’m feeling very good today after a reasonable night’s sleep last night, so right now I’m confident of reaching the 3 week goal. However, same as from the beginning, I’ll stop hunger striking immediately if there is any indication of serious risk to my health.

My hunger strike is directed more towards everyone than just politicians. My goals are:

● To raise awareness of the climate and ecological crisis in the lead up to the election.

● To communicate the science about how desperate our situation is.

● To communicate that the obvious and primary solution is a comprehensive ban on fossil fuel.

If pushed for a specific demand, it is that the government comprehensively ban fossil fuels by 2025. I don’t think that will be achieved in 21 days. Other hunger strikers are following me in relay. After my hunger strike ends, I will continue acting. I’m committing to give every Friday all day to this for as long as it takes to get a comprehensive ban on fossil fuel. For our children’s future that must happen soon but the ubiquity of the status quo doesn’t give me hope. Maybe I’ll be speaking up every Friday for the rest of my life.

I’m calling for others to join us at Parliament or start other vigils all around the motu. I’m calling for a coalition of individuals, groups, churches, unions etc to E Tū: rise up like Greta, each in our own way.

I strongly encourage persistence. One off events are nice however it is obvious (I’m sure you agree) that change on the scale needed to truly respond to our eco- crisis requires more than one- off rallies or marches. We need hundreds and thousands following Greta’s example, being persistent and acting every Friday, or every weekend, or every Monday. Persisting for however long it takes for enough of us to act and give politicians courage to follow the science.

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