Vigil Day 17, Hunger Strike Day 10.

(With links to Stuff article and Radio Waatea Interview)

My energy is less as I get deeper into my hunger strike and I’m also being bothered by pressure in my ears (healthline says it’s  possibly just blocked ears, I’m going to chemist for that tomorrow).

I went for a walk to the supermarket tonight with Tim – no, not to buy food! I felt like being normal and seeing some ordinary life. We had a non-food purchase to make. It is interesting how I could walk past all the fruit, veges, etc and not be bothered at all. It seems food has become irrelevant for me.

My movement has become much slower when doing anything mildly strenuous like walking. If I don’t pace myself very slowly, I find my heart begins to race with the exertion.  I have to take very short slow steps, I must appear geriatric. On the footpath and in the supermarket aisle, I felt like a campervan on the open road – constantly needing to pull over!

NOTE: in case what I’ve said above is concerning for you. I am constantly monitoring my heart beat with a fit bit and my heart is NOT racing dangerously. I had an ECG during a very thorough check up before coming to Wellington. I’ve also recently had a phone consultation with my GP, and he is relaxed about what is happening. I believe what I’m experiencing (which feels like a mild panic attack although I’m not panicking) is due to natural adrenaline levels being much more potent without food in my system.

The media attention is gradually heating up, so I’m feeling unable to do regular blogs at the moment. Today I’ve been interviewed by Stuff, had a live radio interview at 5.10pm with Radio Waatea  (Auckland Maori radio), and spent 40 minutes with a freelance writer for an article that we hope will be published tomorrow.

Here is the Stuff article:

Here is a link to the radio Waatea live interview:,-Hunger-striker-outside-Parliament_1_Pub.mp3

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