Early morning, hunger strike Day 6.

From David:

Hunger strike Day 6: My honest, honest view? Based on the science and evidence, I see no chance of averting the coming catastrophe. Very likely we are seeing the end of civilization and quite possibly this will include humans going extinct. Even if the entire world does the impossible now and ends fossil fuels, likely we’re already locked-in to the catastrophe.

However, every person and everything we do still counts. How we travel to catastrophe still counts. In the realm of success or results: by doing better now we may leave behind a slightly more hospitable planet for other life.

But the bigger point is HOW we walk to our death also still matters. Do we walk standing straight and feeling our love and care, or do we walk in denial and fear and anger and hate. That matters for yourself and for everyone within your sphere of influence and for everyone in their spheres of influence.

No one knows the future, how exactly it will all play out. You matter! So find others who understand also and like Greta: E Tu, stand up for our future!

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2 Responses to Early morning, hunger strike Day 6.

  1. Joanna Santa Barbara says:

    Thanks on behalf of all of us, David. I do feel as if I’m living in a continuing slow emergency. I’m grateful to you for manifesting it to everyone. Kia kaha,

    • Tim Musson says:

      Thanks Joanna! 🙂 Yes, same feeling here. Personally, I can say it’s helped me a lot to get involved in activism – I’ve met a lot of people who feel the same way, which is quite a relief!

      Take care,


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